3 Mixed-Media Artists Share the Secrets of Collage

“My Brother’s Keeper” by Tya Alisa Anthony. Courtesy of the MCA Denver

If you’re anything like me, you like to collect bright, shiny, evocative things like souvenirs from that vacation abroad (remember those?), nostalgic family photos, or scraps of cloth or patterned paper. And if you also live in a tiny apartment and want to avoid clutter, you might consider transforming those items into art—specifically, into a vibrant collage.

Colorado artists Tya Alisa Anthony, Mario Zoots, and Kelly Duffield are masters of that particular brand of art, and their polished creations grace the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, as well as numerous galleries and private collections. That’s why 5280 spoke with these three multimedia makers about their work, their processes, and what advice they’d give to someone who wants to try snipping and gluing their own creations.

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