A “Healing Blanket” Against Gender Violence, Created by 600 Women Around the World

Healing Blanket from The Patchwork Healing Blanket: Piece-by-Piece and Country-by-Country at the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC) (all images courtesy the artists and SPARC)

Last year, Mexico City saw mass protests led by women against femicide. In 2019 alone, 10 women were murdered every day in Mexico. Protesters developed all sorts of creative tactics, including scattering pink glitter on the streets and on monumentsone art collective wrote the names of femicide victims on the streets. Curator Marietta Bernstorff also started an initiative of her own, called “Patchwork Healing Blanket/La Manta de Curacíon.” Together with a group of women artists from Oaxaca and Mexico City, Bernstroff invited women across Mexico and the world to make “a patchwork cloth piece that speaks out against the violent crimes we are all witnessing.”

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