Alison Pollack Captures Miniature Mushrooms and Fungi In Macro Photography

Image © Alison Pollack

‘these may look big in the photo, but they are really tiny, barely visible to the naked eye, each less than one millimeter tall,’ commented alison pollack on a facebook post. ‘to photograph such tiny fungi with high magnification, I used a 10x microscope lens adapted to my camera, and a technique called focus stacking.  the camera  is mounted on a finely tuned rail, and the camera is moved between each photo a mere five microns – that’s five thousandths of an inch!  each of these three photos is created from hundreds of individual images which were stacked with specialized computer software that combines the in-focus portions of each of the individual images into a composite image that shows everything in focus front to back. it’s a magical photography technique that takes a lot of time and work, but what can be revealed makes it so much fun!’

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