An Artist Standing Outside an Either/Or World

L. Brandon Krall, “MU” (1990), oil on canvas, 26 x 28 inches

L. Brandon Krall is a painter, an object maker, and a writer interested in systems, language, and Marcel Duchamp. This combination might make it difficult for viewers to wrap their heads around her work. What makes her defiance of categories interesting, and even challenging, is that she has created at least two singular bodies of work in different mediums. On the face of things, these bodies — language-based, geometric abstract paintings and sculptural objects that refer directly to works by Duchamp and Man Ray — seem to oppose each other. Whereas Krall’s paintings often have palpable surfaces (she applies thick paint with a spatula), Duchamp withdrew his hand from his work, rejected opticality, and is widely recognized as the principal figure to have brought about the “death of originality.” 

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@peepso_user_331(Katryna Gagle)
I found that the article provided an interesting explanation of the work but the work itself doesn’t interest me. Anyone else respond that way?
1 year ago