an oddball eCollage

Artwork and post by Jay Zerbe

for this eCollage, i used layered type and the distortion tools available in Photoshop to create an image. i selected a fairly ornamental serif font Zapfina for the type, and chose quite a large size. i then created the foundation layer using the Type tool in Photoshop (abbreviated as PS from now on). i basically typed nonsense into the text entry by starting at the lowest type level (zxcvbnm,./), entering one row and a time, followed by a return press to go to the next line. also, i entered every line twice, once “lowercase” and once using the shift key for “uppercase”. i then colored warped and stretched the layers to create a sense of congested pattern. then i blurred a few layers, and altered their transparency settings. and that’s it! when i was finally satisfied, i flatted the layers, and saved the finished product as a tiff file.

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