Artist soo sunny park on liminal spaces and casting light as a sculptural material

unwoven light, 2013 at rice university art gallery in houston, TX
image by nash baker (main image by john kulvicki)

light becomes a sculptural material throughout the diverse portfolio of artist soo sunny park, whose projects challenge the boundaries between sculpture, installation, and drawing. after moving to rural vermont in 2005 — out of an urban area for the first time — park began to perceive light from a new point of view, encountering its qualities and characteristics in previously unfamiliar ways. ‘in the country, changes between light and dark seemed more important,’ she tells designboom in an interview‘when sun sets, it is pitch black, because there are very few streetlamps. when driving home from my studio, I noticed how road signs reflected light very intensely, guiding my path.’

it was these new encounters and engagements that led park to a deep interest with light, one that developed into an exploration of liminal spaces — ones that exist between inside and outside, sculpture and drawing, vision and perception, objects and their shadows. ‘I realized that in many ways light is the ultimate liminal being,’ she shares. ‘we don’t really notice light, but everything we see, we see because of light. it’s between us and what we see. I started thinking that the work should push this idea of light as a material in my installations.’

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