Artist – When did you know?

When did you know? Was there a special moment? What am I talking about? I am talking about when your career as an artist began. Not when you were are a student or set up your art biz. When did you know? I knew when was 9. That’s when my career began.

@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
when i was a kid, i idolized my sister, who was 4 years older. i imitated what she did (much to her chagrin). she took piano lessons. therefore i wanted to play the piano and fairly soon duplicated what she played, except i learned it by ear. which didn't please her - to say the least. i ironed her doll clothes for her. we spent HOURS together. (back then, we didn't have a TV, which was probably a good thing for our creative development). then, when she got to high school, she was an "art star". she really did well, and was kind enough to want to teach me what she was learning. so by 9, my doodles and drawings of horses and pretty girls gave way to still life drawings. by the time i was 16, i had decided to dedicate my life to making art. (my mother was distressed about that - assuming i would starve, but that wasn't quite true - as you can now attest!) from that time on, i made "art" all the time. through college, and beyond. it has been a lifesaver for me! seriously! so... thanks to being competitive with my sister, and some good creative genes from my mother and father, here i am! a full-time artist! (and not starving!)
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe) My journey was confirmed at 9 when I was selected to attend the Tam 0'Shanter drawing classes on Saturday mornings at the Carnegie Institute in Pittsburgh. Mr. Fitzpatrick, a handsome erudite man was our instructor. It was a thrill to be picked out of hundreds to recreate a drawing on a larger scale on stage with four other students in front of the entire theater filled class. And, when my parents asked me which I would prefer to pursue, piano lessons or continue drawing. The choice was simple. Out of a family of musicians, I had no ear but I had an eye. Artist I am.