August ’21 Juried Artist Denise Durak

My work has been driven by my curiosity, always asking questions, and an endless pursuit to answer them: whether in scientific pursuits, philosophical and theological inquiries, explorations of humanity and nature, and the Arts.

I am fundamentally an optimist who is sensitive to the complexity and limitation of our thrown existence in this world and at the ways in which our culture and constructs have dared to define us. I feel life deeply, think and talk and reflect on my experiences continually, while at the same time submit them to logical analysis. Over the years I have learned to trust my logic, reason, and intuition, guided by my moral and spiritual thinking. In this mix, I enjoy to represent what I find truly amazing while leaving room for the mysterious and the unexpected to emerge.

View this work by Denise Durak among the jury-selected artists in the August ’21 Members Virtual Exhibit below:

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