August ’21 Juried Artist Laura Parker

Artist, Worker, Mother, Singer/Songwriter Laura Parker is a Fine Artist currently living on Saint Simons Island, Georgia. She is by nature, an abstract Mixed Media painter. She works with a wide variety of mixed media paints and materials. She creates abstract constructions on Canvas, Paper, Wood, and Glass.

Laura began her Arts journey in the mid-1970s as a Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist. She worked in Musical Theatre as both Singer and Modern/Jazz dancer. Her desire to push and explore rhythmic expression led her to begin work with mixed media in 2000. It was then she became a student of painting and drawing under nationally known Atlanta artist, Chery Baird, at the Spruill Center for the Arts in Atlanta. In 2008 Laura relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, where she was juried into the renowned McGuffey Center for the Arts as a Resident Artist. Laura has shown in galleries in the Southeast and has expanded private collections, internationally. She continues to write and record songs with Atlanta-based writers and musicians.

View this work by Laura Parker among the jury-selected artists in the August ’21 Members Virtual Exhibit below:

August ’21 Juried Artist Denise Durak

My work has been driven by my curiosity, always asking questions, and an endless pursuit to answer them: whether in scientific pursuits, philosophical and theological inquiries, explorations of humanity and nature, and the Arts.

I am fundamentally an optimist who is sensitive to the complexity and limitation of our thrown existence in this world and at the ways in which our culture and constructs have dared to define us. I feel life deeply, think and talk and reflect on my experiences continually, while at the same time submit them to logical analysis. Over the years I have learned to trust my logic, reason, and intuition, guided by my moral and spiritual thinking. In this mix, I enjoy to represent what I find truly amazing while leaving room for the mysterious and the unexpected to emerge.

View this work by Denise Durak among the jury-selected artists in the August ’21 Members Virtual Exhibit below:

August Juried Members Exhibit

Registered community members are encouraged to submit up to 3 original works of art focused in any of the following Art Groups:


The objective of this juried exhibit is to provide brand and market visibiliity for the work and practice of our participating members.

The jury panel will select one piece from the total work submitted by each artist member.

All juried submissions will appear in a 4-week public virtual exhibit. artistvenu will publish an SEO optimized blog article for each individual juried artist featured in the event.

Submission Close: (last Thursday of every month).

July 29

Jury Evaluation Ends: (first Thursday of every month).

August 5

Exhibit Opens: (second Thursday of every month).

August 12

Artists must have an active artistvenu membership susbcription to be eligible to submit work and participate in this exhibit.

No more than 3 pieces will be accepted from any artist member, submitted to any Art Group.

Submitted work must meet the focus its chosen Art Group category.

Since the purpose of our exhibits is to provide visibility for participating artists we strongly encourage each submitting artist to complete their Member Profile Page with as much descriptive information about their work and practice as possible including an artist statement, bio, etc, along with posting additional samples of their work to an art group's stream.

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Exhibit Requirements & How To Submit Work

NOTE: Please only submit ONE piece of artwork along with the work details, per single post in the stream. Posts with multiple images will be disqualified.

Artist Profile Requirements:

Artists must upload an Avatar & Cover image to their Profile Page after registration to qualify for this exhibition. Please Note: The artist profile identifies the artist in the community stream and in the virtual exhibitions. Submissions from artists who have not uploaded an Avatar and Cover image will not hang in the virtual exhibits. If you require assistance, please contact Help Desk from the menu at the top of the page.

Artists must be at least 18 years old.

Artists are encouraged to submit an artist statement and bio to their Profile Page (optional).

Artists may add a link to their website & gallery representation (optional).

Work Submission Requirements:

Artists may submit up to 3, pieces for this exhibit Using the provided Exhibit Submissions Form

All artworks must have been created within the last 3 years.

Each artwork must have been created by the person submitting the work.

Image File Submission:

Photos of the artwork must conform to the following specifications.

  1.  High-quality digital photos
  2.  Have a maximum dimension of 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels either horizontally or vertically.
  3.  Evenly lighted
  4.  Try for color accuracy (should represent the actual colors in the piece)
  5.  Saved as a standard .jpeg or .jpg file (no .tiffs, no other formats)
  6.  Mac and PC compatible
  7.  Must not be watermarked
  8.  Work should not be “Framed” or contain a border that isn’t part of the composition.
  9. Important: Work must have a specified height and width dimension in inches.

File Preparation:

Files must be no greater than 3000 pixels in the largest dimension and 72dpi. Each artwork photo should be saved as a .jpeg or .jpg in the sRGB color space. The maximum file size allowed is 10MB.

How To Submit Work:

Visit any Art Group page with a scheduled exhibit, and click the “Exhibit Submissions” button.

Members can post up to 3 work images directly to the Juried Exhibit Submissions page stream including work title, media, and dimensions details (one submission per post) as shown in the screenshot below

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