Presentation of Artwork

Which scenario do you prefer? Not only how you frame a artwork but the interior in which it is placed can change it’s appearance. These are similar possible interior placements which thanks to wallPICTUREapp. The color off the work in comparison to the background for me is dramatic. The framing is different but the background has the most affect on the work. This is something to consider regarding an exhibition as well as discussion with a client.

New Technology used by Artists

I am a traditionalist when it comes to material usage. I do not discount that there are artists who have explored today the various technologies at hand of which NTFs are now the new hot topic. I admire those who so readily accept and use these new tools in such marvelous ways. We have members at AV who are proficient in using technology in their art. We as artists have a history of technology bringing about great changes in how artists have adapted those tech skills. Optics such as the camera obscure were around a long time before finding their way into the artist’s tool box. First used in the early 1400’s and well into the 1600’s the technology of lenses in optical projections changed how artists created their compositions. And even today optics play a part in some artists’ practices.

This leads me to my stumbling through PhotoShop which I guess is now a standard in many artist toolboxes. I stumble through adding and deleting as well as layering and re-layering elements. Somehow I arrive at something that I like. It’s clearly not second nature, but I am learning. Will I abandon my love of working on paper? Never. However, perhaps creating images in PhotoShop will help in the creation of my drawings where I stick to traditional materials.

Using a WALL app.

Do you use a WALL app? There are many from which to choose. When we post our work and list the size, the viewer has no idea what the actual scale of the artwork is despite knowing its dimensions. We are posting where it will most likely be seen first on a mobile device, the phone. Tiny image it will be! Showing your art in an interior location helps the viewer understand the scale. The environments can be rather minimal in my opinion but they provide the wall with furniture where you can insert your artwork with mat and frame if you choose. You are able to scale the art to its true size in relationship to the furniture. This feature allows the art to be seen as it will actually look in an interior space.

Here are two examples of showing the same drawing in two different settings. The work is 18″ x 24″ without the mat and frame. The first is in a smaller space. The second is part of a grouping in a large space.

When to ask for help from another artist?

Sometimes you need help from a fellow artist when encountering a stumbling block. I was so close to finishing a drawing and laboring so over the last decision. Into PhotoShop I went with the piece to figure out whether or not I should make the last committed decision where there would be no turning back from the abyss of “OVERWORKED”. So I asked for help. I sent a photo of where I was and the PhotoShop adjustment to Jay. I trusted he would tell me that I was crazy and should stop or that it was a good resolve. What happened was he tweaked my idea and VOILA! It worked. Thank you Jay. Here is the before and the after where I made the commitment. BTW…I am not showing full images from the current series of drawings because they will be in an exhibition coming soon.

How Do You Document Your Artwork?

Do you photograph your art as you are creating it to provide documentation of the process? I do. Perhaps obsessively I do. However, documentation shows the evolution of each work. I can see the changes as well as additions that take place to get to the finished piece.

I also create color charts at the start which are based on what I am seeing in my mind for the drawing. This helps me keep track of the specific colors that I am using. The color selection is not written in stone. I may use all or some or even add more along the way. I then have the color combo documented in case I choose to play with the same colors in another composition.

Oh yes, I also use PhotoShop near the end when the very last detail will either suffice or push the work into being overworked. This is where I am right now. This drawing is not finished.  The final details can be the struggle.

Yellow (tsah-HOHV) 22″ x 30″, pastel-graphite on Fabriano paper.

Travel – Memories Forever

We still talk about the meal we had in the Romagna region Italy. A little trattoria. No menu. Whatever comes out of the kitchen. WHITE TRUFFLE SEASON Do I need to say more? Those memories stick. Share yours.

Favorite Artist?

We are asked often as artists if we have a favorite artist or has any artist influenced you? My answer is truthful. I don’t have a favorite artist. But there is a time period in art history to which I am connected. And, that has influenced my drawings. Share your favorite artist or historical era.


Has one impressed you? Maybe more than one? Have any influenced you? And, provoked thought about your own work? My friend and I saw an exhibition in Paris on English Painting where all the greats were included. The lightbulb! We finally realized that the greats have faults in their work despite being great painters. Duh!


Obsession – Art Supplies

Art Supplies. What happens when you hear those two words? I’m like a kid at Christmas. My eyes get like saucers looking at the catalog. It’s better than my birthday when the box arrives. What’s new inside? Yeah, new art supplies have arrived. I can talk about art supplies until the cows come home. pencils-colored pencils-graphite in all forms-pastels-erasers-brushes-paper. OMG – paper. I love paper. Share your love.

Artist – When did you know?

When did you know? Was there a special moment? What am I talking about? I am talking about when your career as an artist began. Not when you were are a student or set up your art biz. When did you know? I knew when was 9. That’s when my career began.