Why America Needs a 1% Federal Art Sales Tax

Attendees stroll the aisles at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2019. A tax on sales at the fair could lead to welcome change for the future.©ART BASEL

The art world has beeninvigorated in the past year by the notion that equity and inclusion should be mandates rather than mere abstract concepts. But while we’re good at hashtags, putting on fundraisers, and lifting up what we believe should be ideals, it’s time to walk the walk and lobby Washington to usher in a much more ambitious and nimble approach to the federal government’s role in the arts. We can’t continue to wait and see which way the political winds blow. We must summon the art world’s collective power to set a new and bold agenda for making access to the arts a fundamental component of education in America.

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Chery Baird & Jay Zerbe | Siblings VIRTUAL EXHIBIT

Creative DNA: Sibling Artists Chery Baird & Jay Zerbe

Share a Wonderful Virtual Tour of Their Collective Works

Memories play an important part in every human’s life. Each of us accumulates information in many different ways. We access our past memories to interpret the present and point a path to the future. We always stand in the present looking both directions. The complexity of my surfaces allows for a shifting dialogue of contrasting structures, techniques, and mediums. This multilayered approach changes the conversation with each painting and evokes new sets of memories, feelings, and thoughts. 

This rich variety of mark-making creates forms that are suggestive of the mysterious and personal, as well as the gesture of the body marking in space and time. Surfaces fuse, overlap and intertwine, shaping and reshaping, creating order and forming a memory of the act itself. The act of painting becomes a time of meditation. My work is a record of those moments.

– Chery Baird

The contrast of chaos with order provides the structure for my work. The appearance of order breaks down under scrutiny, which mirrors my understanding of reality. My emotions seek pattern and rationality, while my intellect sees mismatched parts and ambiguous systems. The core of my work revolves around juxtaposing these diverse structures and their uncertain references.

– jay zerbe

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