Travel – Memories Forever

We still talk about the meal we had in the Romagna region Italy. A little trattoria. No menu. Whatever comes out of the kitchen. WHITE TRUFFLE SEASON Do I need to say more? Those memories stick. Share yours.

Favorite Artist?

We are asked often as artists if we have a favorite artist or has any artist influenced you? My answer is truthful. I don’t have a favorite artist. But there is a time period in art history to which I am connected. And, that has influenced my drawings. Share your favorite artist or historical era.


Has one impressed you? Maybe more than one? Have any influenced you? And, provoked thought about your own work? My friend and I saw an exhibition in Paris on English Painting where all the greats were included. The lightbulb! We finally realized that the greats have faults in their work despite being great painters. Duh!


Obsession – Art Supplies

Art Supplies. What happens when you hear those two words? I’m like a kid at Christmas. My eyes get like saucers looking at the catalog. It’s better than my birthday when the box arrives. What’s new inside? Yeah, new art supplies have arrived. I can talk about art supplies until the cows come home. pencils-colored pencils-graphite in all forms-pastels-erasers-brushes-paper. OMG – paper. I love paper. Share your love.

Artist – When did you know?

When did you know? Was there a special moment? What am I talking about? I am talking about when your career as an artist began. Not when you were are a student or set up your art biz. When did you know? I knew when was 9. That’s when my career began.

Cool Project?

Tell me. Have you done any cool projects? I have. Recently, I collaborated with a poet through “Art in Common Places”. We developed a theme through conversation and I created a drawing and she a poem. The result was printed on a broadside and placed in common places, like laundry mats, car washes, libraries, nursing homes, etc. Pretty neat huh? Let’s hear about what you have done. We love a good story.

Friendship – introduce two artists

You must know two artists who really should know one another. Have you introduced them yet? My friend, Grace who did just that for me.  And, that introduction has lead to a great friendship with Amy.  Amy had a show in a major gallery Germany and asked me to come along with her. Which I did. It was so much fun to see her get recognition for her artwork. Plus we went to Paris and walked our favorite streets, visited galleries, museums (did a little shopping 🙂 and attended the Biennale. Who knew this would happen with a simple introduction? Join the Journey with me, Kate Hendrickson on artistvenu.

Takes You to Another Place – BOOKS

Have you ever read a book that paints such a picture that you are actually there with the main character. I just finished such a book in which the narrator recounts his early life in a turbulent pre WWII era and onward. Jimmy Ernst the son of the famous Surrealist, Max Ernst portrays a life filled with artists in Cologne, Paris and New York. All the art greats move in and out of the scenes. Artists’ lives were messy and sometimes messier regarding their wives and children. Join the Journey with me, Kate Hendrickson at artistvenu. Oh, the book if you want to know. A NOT-SO-STILL LIFE.

Where the Magic Happens – artist studios

I love visiting an artist’s studio. You get to see the place where the magic happens. Each one is unique to the artist and how they work.

Come Join the Journey with me on artistvenu and share your studio or share an artist’s studio you have visited that you think is really COOL.


What is your go to sweet? Mine is CHOCOLATE. Too many choices! Dark, Milk, White. By itself! With nuts, caramel, sea salt, cream-filled centers. Achk..Domestic or European?

Come Join the Journey with me at where we will be talking about lots of stuff, chocolate included.