Reasons To Enroll In This Virtual Juried Exhibit

Mindful of time and schedule limitations, most developing and professional artists continually seek new and effective ways to show their work, expand their practice and discover new sources of inspiration.

Juried Art Competitions (work evaluated and judged by a panel of esteemed artists), and Membership Art Exhibitions (a collective exhibit of member submitted work) can be beneficial for both students and professional artists by providing opportunities to show and describe artwork, as well as view and discuss the work of other artists.

Both virtual art exhibit types are search engine optimizable, provide wide-spread visibility and can boost the credibility and reputation of participating artists.

Student and professional artists seeking visibility for their art and art brand will find Juried Art Competitions and Membership Art Exhibitions effective venues.

The Abstraction Academy summer ’21 Juried Virtual Exhibit available only with subscription to, can be a powerful online resource for your art brand and practice.

We offer a fun and resourceful Juried Virtual Exhibit experience that is truly unique, simple to use and effective in providing the visibility that you seek for your work.

There is no exhibit enrollment fee, just register for an $8 monthly platform subscription which includes full access to the artist community, establish close friendships and interact with other artists, and the ability to submit up to 3 pieces of original artwork for juried evaluation, each season.

No long term commitment is necessary and you can cancel your subscription at anytime. You only need an active subscription to participate in the virtual competition. Additional benefits and features include:

1. Open Submissions Stream

2. Virtual Exhibit for Juried Selection

3. Published Blog Article for Each Selected Artist

What is is an ad-free online community dedicated to artists and the discussion of art, centered around a powerful, PRIVATE discussion portal similar to Facebook.

This discussion portal will allow you to easily submit your work for the summer ’21 juried competition, gain visibility and get encouraging and resourceful feedback from other artists from different regions.

For a complete description of the Abstraction Academy summer ’21 Juried Virtual Exhibit, follow the article link below:

For “How-To” information regarding exhibit submissions, please follow the link below:

Technically Challenged?


Full a description of this fun and innovative summer virtual exhibit experience please click here…

Exhibit Submission Requirements, Fees & Instructions

Artist Requirements:
Artists submitting work must be at least 14 years old
Artists must include an artist statement
Artists may include a short Bio/CV (optional)
Artists website (optional)

Artworks Requirement:
Artists must enter a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 4 pieces for this (I don’t have the rest of this sentence)

File Preparation:

Files must have the largest dimension of 1900 pixels in the width or height at 72dpi resolution.
Each artwork photo should e saved as a JPEG in the sRGS color space.
The maximum file size allowed is 8MB

Entry information:
All entries are via the form on the artistvenu website, files and other documents attached
Images must be in JPEG format
Name your image files in a logical and consistent manner. Begin each file name with a number, starting (I don’t have the rest of the sentence)

(Missing more info.)…exhibit.

All artworks must have been created in the last 3 years.
Each artwork must have been created by the person submitting the work.

Photo’s of the artwork must conform to the following specifications:
High-quality digital photos
Have the largest dimension of 1900 pixels
Evenly lighted
Color accurate (must represent the actual colors in the piece).
Saved as a standard .jpg file (no tiffs, no other formats)
Mac and PC compatible
Must not be watermarked.4