Costas Picadas’ Art of Healing

Costas Picadas, Biophilia 01, 2020.

“A few years ago I visited Macchu Picchu and the first thing that struck me was the fact I couldn’t breathe,” Picadas said. “In the low oxygen environment, I realized how fundamental breath was for a living being.”

He calls his latest work “Breathing Images,” photographs that have been manipulated to convey expansion and contraction. Some of his ‘Breathing Images’ loop in eight-second intervals while others in 19-second intervals, following Dr. Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing technique that is based on ancient yogic tradition.

“All the spiritual leaders talk about attaining mindfulness through the practice of breathing” Picadas said. In giving his photography breath, the artist helps us see the spark of light present within all matter.

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