Deb Slowey’s magical-mythical-mathematical world.

Moving from New York city where she was mentored by the artist, Will Barnet and exhibited her work, Deb Slowey has chosen rural Florida as a place to live and create. Her property is surrounded by small horse farms and woodlands.

Deb’s Studio.

Deb’s studio is in her home. She has taken over a very large L-shaped room that has two large windows that not only allow light to flood into the space but also provide views of Floridian flora and fauna. There is great wall space that allows her to work on large canvases and she has set aside smaller zones where she can work on an easel or on a drawing table.

About Deb’s Painting.

She has balanced a career as an artist and registered nurse. These careers in the visual arts and sciences have blended. This can be seen in how Deb approaches her current body of artwork. She tells stories through mythology and folklore in her paintings. The compositions are based on mathematical principles and formulas. She is fascinated by, The Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio, Phi paired with Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. She presents her imagined world where time fluctuates between past, present and future.