Enter the Rich, Vibrant Worlds of Thornton Dial

Dial World, Part I: The Tiger That Flew over New York City welcomes viewers with the titular painting from 1990, hung in the lobby of David Lewis. Inspired by his first trip to NYC from Alabama, Thornton Dial centers tall, white skyscrapers, towering above brown tenement houses that house the working-classes. Flying over the scene is a white tiger with black marks, a symbol for Dial himself, gliding over the city like an airplane-esque wild cat. Rife with allusions to strength, movement, and the wilderness, the tiger is a guiding motif throughout the exhibit. 

The exhibition displays seven other mixed media paintings, all created between 1993 and 2011, featuring materials such as fabric, enamel, spray paint, twine, and in one work, an animal jawbone.

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