Exhibit Submission Requirements, Fees & Instructions

Artist Requirements:
Artists submitting work must be at least 14 years old
Artists must include an artist statement
Artists may include a short Bio/CV (optional)
Artists website (optional)

Artworks Requirement:
Artists must enter a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 4 pieces for this (I don’t have the rest of this sentence)

File Preparation:

Files must have the largest dimension of 1900 pixels in the width or height at 72dpi resolution.
Each artwork photo should e saved as a JPEG in the sRGS color space.
The maximum file size allowed is 8MB

Entry information:
All entries are via the form on the artistvenu website, files and other documents attached
Images must be in JPEG format
Name your image files in a logical and consistent manner. Begin each file name with a number, starting (I don’t have the rest of the sentence)

(Missing more info.)…exhibit.

All artworks must have been created in the last 3 years.
Each artwork must have been created by the person submitting the work.

Photo’s of the artwork must conform to the following specifications:
High-quality digital photos
Have the largest dimension of 1900 pixels
Evenly lighted
Color accurate (must represent the actual colors in the piece).
Saved as a standard .jpg file (no tiffs, no other formats)
Mac and PC compatible
Must not be watermarked.4

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