Has one impressed you? Maybe more than one? Have any influenced you? And, provoked thought about your own work? My friend and I saw an exhibition in Paris on English Painting where all the greats were included. The lightbulb! We finally realized that the greats have faults in their work despite being great painters. Duh!


Shared By: Kate Hendrickson

My work explores my feelings about the search for comfort in revealing my faith. I converted to Judaism. I hope that my artwork helps everyone feel more comfortable in expressing who they really are.

I use stencils of Hebrew letters to create an underlayment structure upon which I build the composition. The word chosen is based on my interest in urban and nature environs. Color choices are made based on my feelings about the word. As I work with pastel, graphite and colored pencil the letters are concealed to the point where pieces of the letters and ghost images of them remain.

@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
i used to love to go to the Chicago and Vicinity show at the Art Institute. it was always a great show, and of course, i hadn't seen any of the work before,… Read more
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe) What a profound experience! I have yet to be so influenced in the way you were at that moment.