Fantastic Cloud Formations: Look to the Heavens

Do you look out your studio window? Do you ponder what you see? Does what you see influence your artwork or does it influence your temperament or both? The reason I ask these questions is that we artists can be so focused on what we are creating in the studio that we forget to take a moment and check-in to ourselves

Cumulonimbus cloud metamorphosis begins

The beginnings of dramatic change

The metamorphosis continues

When I take few minutes, I look upward from “My Little Sarasota Studio”. Some afternoons, the sky is filled with fantastic cloud formations that are in constant metamorphosis. Those cumulonimbus clouds framed by the surrounding buildings are dramatic against the azure-cyan sky. As I watch the theatre in the heavens, I relax and am one with that moment. I ponder the beautiful power that those clouds have; the thunder, the lightning, the wind, and the rain.

Upwards into the atmosphere

Is a storm brewing?

Is a storm brewing?

Surprise, is it or isn't it going to be a storm?

So remember to take a break, look out of your studio and gaze at the scenery whether the sky, natural surroundings, city streets and buildings, etc. There may be a surprise. How do you feel?

Changing of a stormy mind

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