Fatigued by Social Media Giants

By Kate Hendrickson

I am so fatigued from social media that I am rethinking the participation level in the rabbit hole of Instagram, Facebook and even Linkedin. It takes so much energy to be clever to be recognized by the algorithm and make posts that nearly 99.9% only respond with a like. I want meaningful conversation. At least here, I can post what I am working on, or what I am thinking and get acknowlegment that is valuable. I am wondering whether or not to post an image because if I don’t this note will go unnoticed. Yes, we are image driven creatures. So I will post an image.

This was done in 2019 and the title is “Window into the Unknown” 18″ x 24″, pastel-graphite-colored pencil. Perhaps the title is appropriate because I feel that my postings on other platforms are being sucked through the window of the unknown and remain unknown. This was not the original intention behind this title but today it is.

@peepso_user_331(Katryna Gagle)
That’s how I’ve perceived the algorithm, However I’ve made a few art friends by posting.

As for ‘professional artist’, I encountered an application that asked whether I was a ‘professional’ artist or ‘student’ artist. The difference I could think of is whether I have more art money coming in than going out, ha!, in which case people making assembly line warehouse art would be artists. And I believe an artist never stops being curious & learning, so is always a student.

Av has offered a great place for these conversations which I had been hungry for & need; hard to find as I’m not an outgoing social person.

@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
i think you should interpret "professional artist" as an art maker who has sold at least one work, or has been exhibited in a public space. yes, we SHOULD always be students. and you are right - student/professional is a fuzzy description.