Favorite Artist?

We are asked often as artists if we have a favorite artist or has any artist influenced you? My answer is truthful. I don’t have a favorite artist. But there is a time period in art history to which I am connected. And, that has influenced my drawings. Share your favorite artist or historical era.

@peepso_user_31(Denise Durak)
I really don't have a favorite artist and not even favorite era currently. I love classical portraiture from the 1800's to present time, and impressionism. I do love modern sculpture. I see so much abstract art work I am not sure anymore what time period I like. I think for abstracts it now really is dependent on the painting.I think I am somewhat in a transitional period don't know where I will end up in 6 months to a year? A year ago I would have said Abstract Expressionism and that would have always held true. I am beginning to like some contemporary abstract work, but it very much depends on the artists and piece and right now I don't know this era as well as the others.
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
@peepso_user_31(Denise Gonyea Durak) For me, I am deeply routed in the early to mid 20th century. That does not mean that I am only focused on this time period. I have an interest in Renaissance painting whether Italian or Northern European. I can say that there isn't any specific artist who I have as a favorite. There are so many amazing artists past and present and among us who have and are creating great work.
@peepso_user_31(Denise Durak)
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson) I know .. and with the internet I see a lot of art of all varieties and so much is so good including our own community here on artistvenu! So I agree with that!