Front traces the manifold history of the mirror at galerie kreo in paris

‘seven stories about mirrors’ explores how one can study the evolution of humanity through the prism of the mirror and how a single object fractures into multiple narratives

Sofia lagerkvist and anna lindgren of swedish studio front present seven reflective objects that trace the manifold history of the mirrorexhibited at galerie kreo in paris, ‘seven stories about mirrors’ takes form as a collection where each piece investigates how the value, significance, cultural meaning, and technical aspect of a specific object is constantly evolving with time. in the exhibition, some mirrors serve also as a vase or a coffee table, extending their reflection capacity.

On view from may 20 to july 24, 2021, at galerie kreo, the collection is the result of extensive research, responding to the question ‘what’s in a mirror?’. by following various material and symbolic metamorphosis of mirrors through history, front expresses the importance of material knowledge, both technical and cultural, in order to create informed design pieces. the challenge was to understand how an object changes its function, value, and status over the years; the mirror has been transformed from a very exclusive object into a constant presence in human’s daily life.

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