Hairy Who? he’s back!

when i finished my daily eCollage today, it took me back to the days (late 1960’s) when my work was very much influenced by the chicago Hairy Who? artist group. they were later renamed the Chicago Imagists. the original group consisted of Art Green, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Jim Falconer, Suellen Rocca and Karl Wirsum. to that group were added as imagists: Roger Brown, Ed Paschke, Christina Ramberg, Philip Hanson, Barbara Rossi, Ed Flood, Irving Petlin, Sarah Canright, Richard Wetzel, Ray Yoshida, Errol Ortiz, Ronald Markman and Lynn Duenow.

ronald markman was my advisor in graduate school at IU/Bloomington, but well before that i was an Imagist. it suited my angst.

i veered away increasingly to abstraction during the 1980’s, and am now what i call an abstract painter with real world references.

but today, my old Hairy Who? self reappeared. much more abstract, but nevertheless…

must be the zeitgeist.

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