Hunter Biden Describes His New Life as an Artist and Why Painting Offers Him a Glimpse of ‘Universal Truth’ Ahead of His Debut Show

Hunter Biden, Untitled (2021). Courtesy of the artist and Georges Bergès Gallery.

Hunter Biden is on the move. The lawyer, former lobbyist, and son of U.S. President Joe Biden has left his $5.4 million rental in Venice Beach, California, for a quieter Los Angeles neighborhood up the coast. He won’t say where, exactly, because right-wing guys like to show up on his doorstep with bullhorns.

He’s 15 minutes late for our interview because the house doesn’t have mobile service yet. “I’m wondering how many people are trying to get in touch with me and then failing,” Biden, 51, told me over the phone. “Which is kind of nice actually. Usually, I just don’t answer the phone.”

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