Incredible Wire Sculptures Merge the Magic of Fairies and Dandelions

Robin Wight’s foray into wire sculpture began with a simple project to repair his fence. Now, operating at Fantasy Wire, Wight and his small team, which includes his daughter Amy, work together to bring his wire fairies to life. Particularly captivating are their sculptures of fairies and dandelions, which merge the symbolism of these two distinct elements.

The magic and whimsy of the fairies blend with the hope and resilience of dandelions to form something spectacular. The large outdoor sculptures are particularly evocative when placed in open-air environments. Their meaning and appearance transform throughout the day as the fairies dance under the stars or relax in a sunset. Some of the sculptures even move, creating a kinetic experience.

Wight enjoys the way that the blowing dandelion dander gives the sculptures a sense of freedom and movement. His fans seem to agree. One sculpture from the series Dancing with Dandelions is his most requested from people looking to purchase his artwork. In it, a fairy pulls back on the stem of a dandelion as its dander begins to pull away. The fairy spins around, creating a continual motion that is captivating.

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