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10 Milestone Workshop – Journey Toward Art Practice Abundance & Success

If You Have a True Desire to Create Art, build a Successful Art Practice, and Live an Abundant Life...

YOU - ABSOLUTELY Have the Potential Within to Face Any Obstacle and Overcome Any Challenge on Your Path!

I can personally testify to this fact.

My name is Chuck. I am the developer, frontend designer, and administrator of the artistvenu network. I developed this platform and successful websites for other artists and businesses during the past 4 years – which happened to be what I would describe as the most challenging 4 years of my life to date.

I will share my story with you, as I hope you will share yours over the course of this workshop.

For this initial workshop introduction, I would like you to know that whatever you may face while creating art and building your art practice when you feel you have reached a brick wall – I can assure you that there is a path forward that perfectly aligns with what you seek.

You can make peace with conflict, become transparent to adversity – and turn your own impossible into possible.

Studio tips, tricks, and techniques for creating artwork, visibility for your art and brand, marketing, sales, using online tools, resources, and practice management best practices – These are common art practice workshop focus topics, covered in this workshop. They are the typical subjects most artists look for in educational workshops. But…

Have you considered how you think?

How About the Effect the Thoughts You Think Each Day Have on Your Alignment with - That Which You Do Want?

How you think about and respond to the multitude of thoughts that will enter your field of awareness each day in your life as a creative individual seeking abundance and success will undoubtedly have the potential to be the guiding medium, “the secret element” – that can attract and align you with what you seek.

We creatively refer to this as “Thinking (& responding) artfully” – the first milestone of this workshop.

Later in Milestone 1, we will also introduce the “Transparent” & “Creative” Conscious Awareness process and how you can use them in your practice and life.

Workshop Description

artbizroad is a Workshop for professional and student artists covering 10 Chapters of study.

This workshop covers comprehensive information and discussion detailing essential interests, challenges, and obstacles every artist will encounter as they develop their art practice.

Each Milestone in this workshop will begin with a “Milestone Feature Droplet” posted every Sunday – available to premium members only.

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The entire 10 Milestone Workshop will be presented over 20 weeks.

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You will discover and explore your true artistic nature and current practice focus during a guided individualized, mindful self-assessment, followed by strategic planning to overcome challenges, and maximize all opportunities for visibility.

Based on working experience, research, and analysis spanning 40 years in commercial, fine art, and digital graphics, in areas of exhibition, marketing, sales, online tools, resources, and best practices, artbizroad is a 20-Week, work at your own pace, journey to a more successful art practice.

Each of the 10 milestones covered in this workshop detail essential issues, challenges, and obstacles every artist will face during their art and practice development. art practice.

Workshop Milestone Index

M1 – Thinking (and responding) artfully

M2 – Art Practice Discovery

M3 – Art & Art Practice Visibility Options

M4 – Visibility Mapping & Action Plan

M5 – Selling Work and Managing Sales Orders

M6 – Introduction to Keywords, Key Phrases, and Tags

M7 – Art Practice Blogging

M8 – Artwork Portfolio Management

M9 – Contacts, List Building & Relationship Networking

M10 – Art Practice Analytics: What is Working and What is Not

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If you have a true desire to create art and build an art practice you have the potential within yourself to face any obstacle and overcome any challenge on your path

You have more control over your circumstances than you sometimes realize. The problem is, day by day, moment by moment we live busy, hectic, and in many cases stressful lives, and this fact is too easily forgotten. The “Purpose” of the artbizROAD workshop journey is to help you identify, master and effectively activate YOUR, greater potential in creating art, building and managing your practice and possibly, other areas of your life. To accomplish this, the first milestone of this workshop will focus on your thought process, how you view your artwork and practice, and how you receive and process positive and negative information.
We hope this workshop will help you identify your true creative purpose and guide you in the process of mapping and achieving your practice goals.
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Workshop Keyword

pur·pose noun

the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Case use: “a purpose for creating art and developing an art practice”.

"There is an answer for every question"

When your subconscious mind senses danger or experiences a feeling of dread, your conscious mind may tends to rationalize and deflect, rather than tune-in to and face the fear.
A similar response may occur when you avoid to think critically and fully process both positive and negative aspects of the challenges and obstacles you face. Making quick or careless decisions and not taking the time to process difficult questions occurring in your “now”, can lead to bad experiences and missed opportunities.
How or even it, you respond can leave you vulnerable to uncertain cause and effect results from your actions, or lack there of. Your own conscious mind can be your personal champion and defender or your betrayer in these situations.
“Mindful” awareness of every step you take in the barrage of experiences constantly coming your way each day, enables you to consciously navigate a more positive outcome. Mindful thought  empowers you to plot a better course, step-by-step, in whatever situation you may face in life… during any particular situation and moment in time. 

Mindful Thinking & Conscious Art Practice

Workshop Keyword:

mind·ful adjective

focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, especially as part of a therapeutic or meditative technique.

Case use: “tune in to your Art Practice and be mindful of present circumstances and objectives”.

Workshop Keyword:

con·scious adjective

aware of and responding to one’s circumstances and surroundings; while “art-wake“.

Case use: “focused decision making based on practical knowledge and awareness, result in a more successful outcome”.

If you can process thought you have the power to make "Mindful" decisions which can have a more positive effect on the outcome of your circumstances

This has nothing to do with “Woo Woo” methodology, and is more factual and intentional than just “popular secrets” related to laws of attraction. Your artbizROAD journey begins with learning to function consistently with a higher level of conscious awareness of how you create and practice art.
“Mindful” and “Conscious” are two of several primary keywords we will study fluidly throughout this 12 milestone journey. We will guide you step-by-step covering the essential elements and stages of setting up and building a promising and rewarding art practice.

This is not a “one process, or one system fits all” workshop experience. YOUR individual path uniquely aligns with your life, circumstances, creativity, artwork and practice. In this workshop YOU, will focus on your needs, what is standing in your way and/or holding you back, as well as your optimal potential to break through and reach for success.

Throughout the artbizROAD workshop we will introduce you to Innovative Methods, Techniques, Resources and our very own guided “Self-Questioning” process to help you identify and tap into your natural ability to think “Mindfully” and practice with a higher level of “Conscious” awareness.

Workshop Key Phrase: life noise

constant  to one’s circumstances and surroundings; while “art-wake“.

“focused decision making based on practical knowledge and awareness, result in a more successful outcome”.

Are distractions getting in the way of you creating art and building your art practice?

Milestone one introduces concepts of mindful thought and conscious awareness that will unfold throughout this workshop to help you learn to focus more clearly, as you explore present day circumstances affecting the artwork you create and your art practice development TODAY!

We all have noisy lives, especially these days, some louder and more congested than others. These distractions can lead to bad decision making and certainly missed opportunities, and as an artist over time, this contributes to an unsuccessful art practice.

I fill myself with love, and I send that out into the world. How others treat me is their path: how I react is mine.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to tune out the “Noise” from circumstances of everyday life and just focus on your artwork and art practice development in order to make the right choices, meet ideal connections and the best opportunities become more clearly visible along your path?

Well… quite simply, you can!

Noise comes in the form of different circumstances for each of us. There is good noise and bad constantly attempting to permeate your thoughts. The needs and voices of a spouse, partner, child, employer, coworkers, creditors, villains or disease each having a different “plan” for your time… your “right now“! Each seemingly reaching out to grab the very same grain of sand falling through the hourglass of your life, when you simply want to retreat to a quiet space to create art, in peace.

Even your anticipation of wanting to create a certain work of art or have a successful practice “now“, today, when it may clearly not be the “right” time, can cause resistance and create noise within you that has the power to prevent you from obtaining your goals… if you allow.

SPOILER ALERT: You will never get rid of mind noise, but you can learn to adapt a certain transparent consciousness as demands are made on your attention and time.

We will explore “transparent consciousness”, including techniques and tips for recognizing and managing negative noise later in the 3rd section of this milestone titled “Filtering Negative Noise”. It may take practice but your efforts will enhance your creative process and place you on the road to a successful art practice… Mindfully.

Now... Are you ready?

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What do you know about your current Art Practice?

Not intending as tactical as “Name, rank, and serial number“, the classic military response under interrogation, so to speak, however you may find the following exercise constructive:

@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
thanks for sharing a bit of your story. we all have one - filled with pleasure, pain, and growth. I know this workshop will help me identify where my path as taken me, and how I can better direct the flow of it.
8 months ago