New Technology used by Artists

I am a traditionalist when it comes to material usage. I do not discount that there are artists who have explored today the various technologies at hand of which NTFs are now the new hot topic. I admire those who so readily accept and use these new tools in such marvelous ways. We have members at AV who are proficient in using technology in their art. We as artists have a history of technology bringing about great changes in how artists have adapted those tech skills. Optics such as the camera obscure were around a long time before finding their way into the artist’s tool box. First used in the early 1400’s and well into the 1600’s the technology of lenses in optical projections changed how artists created their compositions. And even today optics play a part in some artists’ practices.

This leads me to my stumbling through PhotoShop which I guess is now a standard in many artist toolboxes. I stumble through adding and deleting as well as layering and re-layering elements. Somehow I arrive at something that I like. It’s clearly not second nature, but I am learning. Will I abandon my love of working on paper? Never. However, perhaps creating images in PhotoShop will help in the creation of my drawings where I stick to traditional materials.

@peepso_user_31(Denise Durak)
I think the author makes a good point that creating images in Ps can help or teach new skills which transfers to painting or drawing on paper or canvas or even sculpture and 3D art pieces. I have found this to be true .. maybe playing with layering gives a new eye to perspective and dimension. Taking an other wise flat photograph and making it dimensional in digital ways has also allowed me to imagine depth and height and shadows differently. Playing around with transparency and rearranging a composition aids my cognitive process to do the mental gymnastics more intuitively sometimes contemplated and sometimes not .. of course there is a fine line between contemplation or purposeful and intuitive. I just love using Ps as another space to work the magic of creativity which seems to have no limits!