Patty Carroll: Investigating Domesticity

Patty Carroll, News, digital photograph, 2020


If you’ve ever felt like you’ve walked in on a crime scene when looking at some of Patty Carroll’s photographs, you are not alone. Carroll, influenced by bright, vintage colors and British interiors, is guilty of one thing: framing it on the room.  

Before many of us were stuck at home, Carroll was already reflecting on what it means to be surrounded by so much stuff, whether it be items that act as an extension of our selves, or the media and the politics we consume on a daily basis. Her latest book Domestic Demise catalogs women being ‘done in’ by their physical environment, possessions, labels (or lack of thereof) and, unsurprisingly, their impeccable taste in drapery.

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@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
interesting article. and her photographs are HUGE! she has shown here at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. and i have run into her and chatted at a get together for artists who reside in Michigan City IN (where i live now) and Chicago (where i lived for 36 years before relocating here). i'm very impressed with her work - blending surrealism and feminism with artistic concerns.
2 years ago