Presentation of Artwork

Which scenario do you prefer? Not only how you frame a artwork but the interior in which it is placed can change it’s appearance. These are similar possible interior placements which thanks to wallPICTUREapp. The color off the work in comparison to the background for me is dramatic. The framing is different but the background has the most affect on the work. This is something to consider regarding an exhibition as well as discussion with a client.

@peepso_user_342(Mary Burke)
Non sequitur here - I have a ton of frames that I am giving away. Many are small, and some are medium. Nothing large. I'll briefly mention this at the Thursday… Read more
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
@peepso_user_342(Mary Burke) Nothing you can use? I take it. I too have a large collection of frames but try to use them for display purposes and for exhibition… Read more
5 months ago
@peepso_user_342(Mary Burke)
Yes. I've done much of that. Did art fairs for 20 years. They'll find a home.