similar but not the same

in our weekly online meeting of artists, this week we discussed two similar artists’ works. Richard Diebenkorn and Frank P Phillips, a contemporary artist. Diebenkorn died in 1993, after a very successful career of painting and teaching. Frank P Phillips was born in 1974. it is obvious that Phillips is aware of Diebenkorn’s work. the use of multiple framing devices, mostly on the left edge, and large open, slightly translucent space in the center of the canvases is a dead giveaway.

but where are the differences? as artists, we usually subscribe to the dictum that our work should be unique. a difficult task – if you know your art history, and are aware of what is currently being shown in galleries.

in our discussion, there was a lot of back and forth among us, and some very perceptive comments. it’s always great when artists can get together to discuss art!

please join us to discuss art every week! thursdays, at 11am CST. different kinds of topics are discussed, but lately, we have been discussing abstract artwork that i have come across, both current and “vintage”.

looking, learning, and sharing.