Using a WALL app.

Do you use a WALL app? There are many from which to choose. When we post our work and list the size, the viewer has no idea what the actual scale of the artwork is despite knowing its dimensions. We are posting where it will most likely be seen first on a mobile device, the phone. Tiny image it will be! Showing your art in an interior location helps the viewer understand the scale. The environments can be rather minimal in my opinion but they provide the wall with furniture where you can insert your artwork with mat and frame if you choose. You are able to scale the art to its true size in relationship to the furniture. This feature allows the art to be seen as it will actually look in an interior space.

Here are two examples of showing the same drawing in two different settings. The work is 18″ x 24″ without the mat and frame. The first is in a smaller space. The second is part of a grouping in a large space.

@peepso_user_31(Denise Durak)
I have used this as well. Is really helpful.