“What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artist Chuck Jones

Artist Statement

I’m a Tennessee-based painter, working primarily with ink, pencil, and acrylic on paper. I have no formal art training, beyond a couple of workshops and my own efforts, drawing and painting for 40 years; more seriously (meaning, working most of the day) in the last 6 years after stepping back from my clinical psychology practice of 5 decades.

Despite having developed some facility in the world of words, I’ve long recognized I’ll never be able to write the novel I want to read. But, I’ve also discovered how, by approaching my efforts with enough receptive curiosity, I can create images I want to view and patterns that, somehow, feel meaningful to me.
So, that’s where I’m now devoting my energy, later in life.

Doing so makes every morning I awake to walk into the studio a day worth … walking into the studio.

View work by Chuck Jones among the jury selected artists in “What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artists Virtual Exhibit Space 2 (VES2) below

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