“What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artist Claudia Botwin Goodman

Artist Statement

In its truest form, artistic expression should provide a window into the heart and mind of the artist. In this spirit, I try to illuminate both the tangible and the intangible: the physical world and my emotional response to it.

My work examines the relationship between the natural and the man-made, often in conflict, but not necessarily so. I combine abstract organic forms with elements of landscape, architecture, and the human figure, exploring the tension between them through color, gesture, line and texture.

My subjects are not locked in to any particular time frame. While a painting can capture a unique moment in time, they can also be viewed as a process of both creative and destructive elements.

View work by Claudia Botwin Goodman among the jury selected artists in “What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artists Virtual Exhibit Space 1 (VES1) below

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