“What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artist Diane Schroeder

Artist Statement

Has been my experience that life is a subtle composition of contradictions.
And it is only by contrast of the absurd that rationale makes sense and it is by the contrast of dark that there is light. The expression of the observations of life has evolved into several varieties of works while expressing a consistency that nearly always reveals the suggestion of landscapes.

The contradiction that oil and water do not mix and the theory that spilled oil is not easily controlled – is the very basis of my working media. Paper is a water-based material and usually has a water base media applied to it. It is because “Oil and water do not mix” that I find oil-based media the perfect application with paper. I am in control of the applied materials rather than the properties of the paper demanding an opinion on the control and, ultimately, the result.

While there are highs contrasted by low periods of life, there are subtleties of monochromatic colors contrasted by shiny and dull, transparency and opaque, rough and smooth, undefined shapes and defined shapes or lines – to form an overall composition in an undisturbed space of time; not always recognized at the moment of happening – but leaves a lasting impression to be continually reinterpreted and related. Even with high contrast, subtleties are woven into the overall picture as the observation continues. The collage elements are saved pieces of my life but placed into another context to take on a new life. The mixed media of pencil, craypas, charcoal, metallic ink, cold leaf, and foil are the results of further exploration of materials that should not work together – but do.

Fear is contrasted by knowledge. Knowledge is gained by exploration. The sensation of emotion, the power of intuition, and the confidence of logic.

View work by Diane Schroeder among the jury selected artists in “What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artists Virtual Exhibit Space 1 (VES1) below

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