“What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artist Karlene McConnell

Artist Statement

I did not spend my early years in a studio , instead , I witnessed the unbridled creativity of children , most of whom were mentally and physically challenged in some way.

Together we explored collage, sculpture, drawing, painting, line, shape and value. We expanded our senses with textures and colors. We altered materials to make them accessible. The process of creating was our emphasis.
I now spend my days in an art studio painting , creating , pondering and reaching back to those days of childlike abandon. The fundamentals of line, shape and color as well as the tradition of landscape painters who came before me inspire me and my art.

View work by Karlene McConnell among the jury selected artists in “What is Abstract Art TODAY?” ’20/21 Juried Artists Virtual Exhibit Space 2 (VES2) below

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