What the Art World Is Cooking

The Townley Discobolus, a copy of the Discobolus of Myron residing in the British Museum, has taken to making pancakes for dinner lately (edit by Valentina Di Liscia)

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the “breakfast for dinner” stage of  quarantine. The feeling that we are living in a time warp, where the days blend into each other and morning and night are indistinguishable, is only exacerbating my desire to eat pancakes at any time of the day (which, truth be told, was a yearning long present pre-pandemic).

In this week’s edition of “What the Art World Is Cooking,” where artists and art workers share the recipes they’re turning to, there are meals you can dedicate an afternoon to and meals you can make in minutes, because sometimes, especially now, things need to be easy and simple and delicious. Critic Christopher Knight likes to roast fruits seasoned with some brown sugar or maple syrup, “like a pie without the crust.” Mrs. Gallery’s Sara Maria Salamone, who teaches us to make gluten-free pasta, says she’s still working full-time, “so I don’t have an extensive amount of time to devote to birthing a sourdough bread.” (Amen.) Curator Elisabeth Sherman shares a dish that you can make “while your mom FaceTime babysits your one-year-old in his highchair as you try and answer work e-mails.”

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