Who Can Say Why We Create? by Laura Parker

It takes real guts to be a modern painter, or more encompassing, a modern artist. This is not an easy task, from my personal experience as a modern/mixed media artist. It definitely involves way more than, “You all just throw paint, anyone can do that.” This is a fairly common response I have experienced, in regard to the selling of art. Another is nowadays, “There are thousands of abstract painters”. Real bummer, right? What about my work, what about your work?

So today I continue the study of art online with artistvenu.com, and take a look at Color Theory with master teacher, Jay Zerbe (www.jayzerbe.com).

On a side note, Jay is the brother of my master painting teacher, Chery Baird (www.cherybaird.com). Both are total and complete master artisans as artists, painters, mixed media, color theorists, and too much more to go on. I am so very grateful to have a student of these two artists. They are pivotal in my life, and in my work. This is the real deal.

I told my teacher Chery one day, “I may never be known for my artwork or talents, but I do know myself”. Chery paused for a moment, and said, “That is the most important thing about becoming an artist, many cannot achieve this”.

As a psychotherapist by day (yes, mental health), I assist and encourage people to become who they are, first and foremost. The other imperative is, “Follow your passion”. I have always followed my passion, sometimes blindly which backfires terribly at times. Nevertheless I have followed my true artist self in both the music and recording industry and the fine art world of painting and textiles. Does this make me a lot of money? No, often times not. I do not compromise my creativity for, “We want you to do it that way, can you change the lyrics, can you change the colors, can you do something in more colors, can you do something in white”? You get the picture.

Today I wake up, an older woman in winter. It hurts a lot to use my hands after all of these years as a creator. I am discouraged. I get back up, and consider a way, “do things differently”. This is my 2020 and on mantra. “What will we do differently”. It applies to our growth as artists, humans, community members, family, and most everything else.

I going to embrace each day, focus on being of service in my world, and keep on creating because that is who I am. Peace out there ya’ll, as we say in sweet Georgia of the USA.

@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
how kind of you to mention chery and me. yeah - it was quite a family! nothing like having a sister who you were competitive with - first on piano, and then in art! that continued for years. until we (she) said - "we don't have to compare ourselves to each other". wow. if only we all thought like that!
@peepso_user_62(Laura Parker)
@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe) of course Jay! I would never have known about this sacred knowledge without you and the Queen of August:)
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
Well said.