Why Pay To Join An Online Art Community?

Deciding to use a large public platform for free or joining a private artist community for a monthly subscription isn’t always black and white. For example, if you consider joining artistvenu, or any private online artist community, you might find some of the feedback we received from a few active members during the past two years, helpful.

To begin, why would I pay to join an online art community when I can use Facebook, Instagram and many others for free? Great question and aside from individual choice, the answer boils down to how one defines “free”.

Facebook is not one of the largest corporations in the world with more than 58,000 employees by allowing members to use their social network for free. The truth is, Facebook attracts and thrives on mass populations of “Free” users because of the billons made annually on advertising and more concerning, their marketing and sales of your usage data to global markets. What value should one place on the aggravation of annoying advertising and the loss of personal privacy and security while using “free” public platforms?

The next time you login to Facebook or Instagram, you might ask yourself how a network of this size covers it’s expense. You might question your privacy, security and exactly how you wish to share your artwork online and what your art practice communication needs and interests are, and if those objectives are available in a more secure and supportive environment.

Many can obviously overlook the fact that governments and large corporations purchase access to your content and behavior data for use in economic, election and political policy decision making. Many can also overlook the algorithms that control who and how many of your contacts will actually see the content that you post.

In addition to a clean design artistvenu provides a dynamic and simple to navigate artist community space that is protected and secure, fully supported, ad-free for you to share images of your work and/or discuss your art practice and art interests. Our community is private, non-political and welcoming to all socially respectful creative individuals. We promise that the only algorithms we work with are meant to keep the features our members enjoy functioning smoothly and to keep the bad guys out and away from your content and information.

We would like to know some of the experiences you have had with your art practice on large social networks and what you find unique about a smaller private artist community.

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@peepso_user_22(Jay Zerbe)
all very true, and part of the reason that i enjoy this site!
@peepso_user_75(Kate Hendrickson)
Here here. The truth be said. Me too...the reason I am happy to have found a real artist community.