With a Room of Her Own, Emily Mason’s Ethereal Abstractions Bloomed

Installation view of Emily Mason: Chelsea Paintings, Miles McEnery Gallery, 2021 (image courtesy the Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation and Miles McEnery Gallery; photo by Christopher Burke Studio)

It took years for Emily Mason to get a painting studio of her own, though she’d always had keys to others. At first there was the series of Manhattan studios rented by her mom, pioneering abstract painter Alice Trumbull Mason, where Emily made her first brushstrokes with professional-grade paints. Then there was one at 813 Broadway set up by her husband, landscape painter Wolf Kahn, near their downtown apartment and which they shared for years. “She would describe just being sort of stuck with not as much space to work [onher own pieces,” says Steven Rose, Mason’s longtime studio assistant and director of the Emily Mason and Alice Trumbull Mason Foundation. “She really needed something.”

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@peepso_user_31(Denise Durak)
These paintings look great especially against the stark white background. Wish I had a studio space like that!! Interesting how she finishes her pieces.