XX FACTOR: Francine Tint

Francine Tint, Black Lagoon, 2018. Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 80 in.

The White Room Gallery’s XX FACTOR is a celebratory exhibition marking the hundred-year anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote and gave them a political voice. One hundred years later, with voter suppression on the rise, Francine Tint’s paintings explore the idea of giving back through abstract expressionist means.

To appreciate Tint’s career trajectory we must examine the artist’s early training and work in costume design, which greatly impacted her layering process with paint. Tint realized that old masters such as Titian and Rembrandt were obsessed with surface and, like costume designers, they knew how to layer the soft with the hard and to define the details. In addition, as she tells it, Tint received great feedback from Clement Greenberg and further accolades for her work from her peer group “…by being good at it, I was accepted. Almost like jazz musicians, you enter the abstract art club by being good. I was like a painter’s painter.” Tint has spent the last four decades painting with confidence formed by these early experiences.

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