The purpose of this website is to provide a friendly, secure place where artists can share and discuss art with other artists individually 1-on-1 and in groups.

artistvenu was created as an exhibit, learning and discussion network for professional and beginning artists who would like to develop, expand and promote their art practice.

There is a cost to access art workshops, private areas of the community and engage in stream discussion activity with other artists. However non-members can view community stream posts shared publicly by artist members.

A membership subscription is necessary to login, create an artist profile and engage in stream discussion and community activities with other artists. Please view our membership options here.

All credit card transactions are processed securely off-site by Stripe merchant services. Aside from information you add to your profile page such as your CV/Resume, etc., of which all are encrypted, artistvenu does not collect and store member information or share such with 3rd parties externally.

Membership can help your art practice in many ways.

Professional artists can use an artistveu Profile to gain visibility by frequently uploading and sharing images and video of original work.

Creating community stream posts, discussing those posts with other community members and sharing the post links externally is a good way to increase search engine visibility for your art practice and art brand.

In addition to visibility, developing artists can expand their art practice with artistvenu Workshops.

Every membership level includes an Artist Profile Page.

In addition to enabling you to comment on the posts of other artists, your profile is used to upload media, add albums and share your work in the stream.

Posts set as public can also be share externally on other platforms such as Facebook, etc. to increase online visibility.

Registered members who are logged in, can view and manage their “Account” and “New Membership Options” by clicking the relative buttons located on the artist profile page.

Yes. Members can cancel any active membership subscription at any time. To manage your subscriptions, click the “Account” button located on the artist profile page.

Although we hope that if there is ever an issue with regard to your experience on our community website, either technical or otherwise, that you will contact us by submitting a support ticket and allow us to resolve it.

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