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Dynamic Website & Online Store Design

The artistvenu Solution

Website design involves many factors and moving elements. Finding the right developer and choosing the best design and functionality can be daunting. Whether you’re considering your first website or your current site requires redevelopment, WordPress is a great content management system to consider.

More than 810 million websites were built with WordPress.

artistvenu has over 12 years of working exclusively in WordPress project development. We have designed, developed, hosted, and managed many client projects, including food service, membership, professional services, and multi-industry websites.

Regardless of your project focus, we will work with you to achieve more than a great design, dependable functionality, and optimal page performance. We also provide ideas, dynamic innovation, and above-and-beyond support provided by other developers.

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WordPress Membership Site Design & Management

The artistvenu Solution

Imagine A Turn-Key, Fully Managed Online Membership Community – Created with WordPress, the World’s Most Popular and Widely Used Website Content Management System.

Use your membership site for club, church, or organization content and discussion, or add on our LMS learning management system and offer online courses. Sample uses include:

    • Social Clubs
    • Blog Memberships
    • Church Organizations
    • Online Education

We offer flexible subscription options for our fully managed membership websites. Once your community is online, register your members, post your content, and engage. We can even help you with marketing and promotions.

Our membership website developments integrate with PayPal and Stripe payment systems. You can set automatic payments to charge members weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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Contact, Customer & Lead Management

The artistvenu Solution

Most businesses and organizations need help managing client and customer information, and new contact leads daily—so much so that many give up and neglect the value these contacts provide.

There are many things to consider when managing contact information. From spreadsheets to third-party mailing services. A website-based CRM can provide impressive functionality by storing and managing existing client and customer information and helping you build your contact list by collecting the opt-in details from visitors to your site.

A web-based CRM can be a powerful resource. You may not be aware that WordPress can now provide the same email campaign functionality—directly from your website—eliminating the extra cost by replacing the need for MailChimp or similar mailing services.

Let us introduce you to a website-based CRM that can track and store your contacts, new leads, and sales and provide a quality email campaign cannon directly from your site without contact or send limits.

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Email & Social Media Marketing

The artistvenu Solution

The content you create for your business and organization can be used in effective marketing campaigns directly from your website via email and extend to posts made on your social media pages.


Graphic Design

The artistvenu Solution

We can apply our creative ideas and concepts to any presentation to help you achieve a fresh, sharp, and attractive display that stands out.

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WordPress PHP Programming

The artistvenu Solution

We offer PHP programming for virtually any plugin customization, in addition to JavaScript and jQuery for unique webpage behavior and specialty applications.

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