Tour Art d’Égypte: The Desert Sculpture Garden Backdropped By Giza Pyramids

This year’s sculpture exhibition brings together fourteen local and international artists, including JR and Sabine Marcelis. Through their diverse practices, the artists trace the continuity of themes that stretch from our ancient past to the present day, while paying homage to the continued ingenuity of human civilization. Forever is Now III by Art D’Égypte will run from October 26th until November 18th, 2023.


Egyptian-British artist Sam Shendi presents the ‘The Phantom Temple’ at Art D’Égypt’s Forever is Now. The artwork explores the imprint which ancient Egyptian civilization left on the land and how imagination can transport the viewer beyond time. His sculptural work is a link between the past and the future, and is designed to fit within any artistic context. The artist notes that his sculptures are ‘vibrant reflections of the human condition.’

Featured image: Treasures by Azza Al Qubaisi | image ©️ Kollectiv

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