In the World’s Largest Cypress Forest, Surf Durrani Captures Atmospheric Autumnal Colors

A cardiologist by day, Surf Durrani ventures around the world with his camera in his spare time, drawn to lush scenery and magnificent vistas. “I find the natural world profoundly beautiful and spiritually moving,” he tells Colossal. “In nature, I see art forms everywhere that are emotionally very satisfying for me.” One recent series takes us on an atmospheric journey through the Big Cypress Bayou at the edge of Caddo Lake in eastern Texas—part of the largest cypress forest in the world—reveling in the unique effect of the trees as they transform into autumnal shades of orange and yellow, draped ethereally in moss.

Drawn to the region last year after he saw photos of the area, Durrani decided to make the trip to Texas from his home in Northern Virginia. “I am blown away by the beauty of the cypress forest in the swamp draped with the Spanish moss and egrets and herons living in their magical, hidden little corner in Texas,” he says. “There is a two-week period in November when the colors come alive, and the lake becomes magical.”

Featured image: “Secret Rendezvous” © Surf Durrani

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