Will Hutnick’s ‘Glitchy’ Paintings Investigate Gaps in Perception

Featured image: Will Hutnick, Weather Patterns (2024). Courtesy of Geary, Millerton, New York.

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What You Need to Know: Opening February 24, 2024, artist Will Hutnick will be the subject of the solo exhibition “SATELLITE” at Geary in Millerton, New York. Featuring a range of new and recent paintings, the exhibition highlights Hutnick’s experimental practice, with each work containing various techniques such as using plants, stencils, and rollers to create complex layers that, together, blur the boundary between the abstract and representational. On view through April 7, the show mirrors the malleability of our present reality, particularly regarding the tensions between the digital and corporeal worlds. Speaking of these gaps in perception and understanding, Hutnick said, “There is something inherently queer about these glitch-type spaces that seem to be filled with potential; they’re shape-shifting, constantly reinventing themselves, not tied to the present but rather circumnavigating both the past and present.”

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