Artist Arranges Hypnotic Land Art Into Stone Waves on Ocean Shores

Artist Jon Foreman creates awe-inspiring work from the nature that surrounds him. Traversing the beach, he finds rocks of all shapes and sizes and arranges them into hypnotic designs on the ground. By using a variety of stones, he’s able to convey movement in the static work. Often, this involves stacking and placing the individual pieces based on size. Doing so creates a wave formation, which is fitting considering it’s where a majority of these pieces reside.

By working in land art, Foreman is at the mercy of what the environment has to offer. But rather than seeing this as a limiting factor, the UK-based creative sees opportunity. In a piece created at Gelliswick beach in Pembrokeshire, he incorporates a new color into his palette—a red tone. “That sea-washed Brick is a great color to mix in with the more obvious stone colors like grey and brown,” he writes. “Will likely be working here more often now!” The hue adds yet another dimension to his incredible compositions.

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