Intricate Ceramic Sculptures Mimic the Shapes and Forms of Aquatic Life

Bristol-based artist Lisa Stevens creates exquisite ceramic sculptures that look like they’ve washed up on the beach. Adorned with tiny seashell-like details and oftentimes painted in a range of bright colors, these pieces are inspired by organic motifs found in nature, particularly the ones located in and around the ocean.

Stevens crafts her mesmerizing pieces from clay, using her toolkit to sculpt and shape the numerous perforations and tiny ridges which make up the mesmerizing patterns. In this way, she creates flowers, spirals, and waves with an enticing tactile quality. And while most of these pieces are based on the circular shape of plates and bowls, some extend well past the mold with large three-dimensional protrusions, and others are instead sculpted into rectangles or shells with large spikes.

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