5 Artists Offer Unique Takes on Contemporary Abstraction in a New Brussels Exhibition

What You Need to Know: Brussels-based Galerie Sept presents the group exhibition “Dialogues in Abstraction,” a brand new exhibition on view through January 21, 2024. The show features the work of five diverse contemporary artists: Katrin Fridriks, Lee Hyun Joung, Nikodem Szpunar, Nicolas Dubreuille, and Daniele Basso. The presentation marks the gallery debut of Fridriks, an Icelandic artist whose work focuses on the intersection of humans and natural forces, such as gravity. Her work is juxtaposed with that by Lee Hyun Joung, who mines both her South Korean heritage and traditional materials to create ink-on-paper works. French artist Nicolas Dubreuille works frequently in sculpture, creating works that relay his background in graphic design, and tap into the painting tradition of geometric abstraction. Also frequently working in sculpture, Daniele Basso, who hails from Italy, investigates the meaning of symbols and life through the material of mirror-finished stainless steel. Another newcomer to Galerie Sept’s program is Polish artist Nikodem Szpunar, whose Minimalistic, volumetric paintings convey his experience in furniture and product design.

Featured image: Nicolas Dubreuille, Untitled (2023). Courtesy of Galerie Sept, Brussels.

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