7 Questions for British Artist Francesca Mollett on How Fireflies, Canals, and Ancient Grottoes Inspire Her Light-Filled Canvases

Francesca Mollett, Vanishing backs (2023). Photo: Peter Mallet. Courtesy of Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, London, New York.

British painter Francesca Mollett (b. 1991) has a practice centered on the close study and investigation of the myriad facets of space—from the built environment to the quality of light and fleeting reflections. Transmuting the surface of the canvas into something that appears malleable and shifting, Mollett’s compositions foreground the subjectivity of perception and operate as a site of meaningful exchange between painter and viewer.

Based in London, Mollett graduated with her MA in painting from the Royal College of Art in 2020, and has been the subject of solo shows both in the U.K. and abroad. This week, her solo show “Francesca Mollet: Halves” opens with Grimm Gallery, Amsterdam, featuring the artist’s most recent body of work.

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