7 Questions for Gallerist Maxine Henry on How to Cultivate Self-Acceptance, One Artwork at a Time

Luiz Carlos Chaves Rocha, Falcon Head (2023). Courtesy of Selfless Art.

Established in 2022 by Maxine Henry in New York City, Selfless Art platforms a diverse range of contemporary art to offer transformative experiences for viewers and collectors. Driven by ideas of self-reflection, mindfulness, and mental health, the art and exhibitions presented are intended to evoke personal contemplation. Meanwhile, the gallery’s online viewing room features programming that delves deeper into these themes of psychological freedom and expression.

We recently caught up with Henry to find out more about what inspired the founding of Selfless Art, and the mission of the gallery moving forward.

Can you talk a bit about your background, and what led you to establish Selfless Art?

My educational background includes a B.B.A. in marketing, and I am currently pursuing an M.A. in arts administration. From the start of business school, my ambition has been to establish my own company. In 2022, I had an enlightening experience that motivated me to find a venture that allowed me to stay true to my newly found principles while discovering entrepreneurship. The idea of creating my art gallery came to me during my postgraduate studies, as I realized that art was a perfect medium for conveying a message.

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